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Jonathan Martel


Jonathan Martel is a man of heart and his greatest motivation is to make a difference where he works. Simple, creative, dynamic, pragmatic, and with a lively and open mind, these are some of the words that describe him well. An excellent communicator, Jonathan will share his vision with you as well as explain the most technical concepts with ease.


His interest in environmental management goes back more than 15 years when he started at Waste Management Corp. before continuing his career at Golder Associates, then Veolia, and as volunteer chairman of the board of directors of the Sept-Iles Environmental Protection Corporation (CPESI).


In all humility, he questions, listens attentively and with interest and observes; this allows him to quickly immerse himself in an organization and to fully grasp its issues. Moving to the Eastern Townships in 2017, he founded Création Conseil, where he has accompanied, to date, more than a dozen companies in their strategy, positioning and project management while promoting a human-centered approach that aims to empower and equip the people he works with.


With a Master's degree in Business Administration, Jonathan is now involved in setting up green chemistry projects on an industrial scale and developing new channels in the energy and fuel markets through his role as President and CEO of TEAL.

Philippe Machuel


Philippe Machuel has worked in innovation for over 25 years. He began his career in Kenya by transforming its method of growing Gypsophilia. In 2000, he started building a successful software company that is now used by some of the world’s largest companies. Later, Philippe was named VP Europe Operations of FlameOFF Coating, and won the Franco - European award for the most innovative American Startup in Fire Protection.

Philippe also has experience in the non-profit space. In 2012, he participated in the creation of Ecoland Institute, Inc. (ELI) This non-profit organization, made up of multidisciplinary experts, creates industrial models and solves community challenges for the future while protecting the environment.

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